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Research and School Innovation teams were trained thanks to the Explora Los Lagos PAR

Research and School Innovation teams were trained thanks to the Explora Los Lagos PAR

In a face-to-face workshop, more than 20 teams of teachers and students from the Los Lagos Region participated in the activity Workshop on Research Methodologies and School Innovationorganized by the Regional Associative Project PAR Explora Los Lagos of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, executed by the Universidad Austral de Chile Sede Puerto Montt, whose objective was to provide methodological and research tools in the areas of Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Innovation within the framework of the development of the School Research and Innovation Program 2022.

School teams from 15 communes from the provinces of Osorno, Llanquihue, Chiloé and Palena are part of the 2022 call for this program whose objective is promote the development of skills for research and innovation in the educational community. This year, the topics around mental health, environmental pollution and conservation of natural resources stand out, among other areas of interest for the students of the region.

The School Research and Innovation Methodology Workshop was held last Thursday, June 9, at the Costanera Campus of the Austral University of Chile, Puerto Montt, where the exhibitors guided the day. Karin Soto (Natural Sciences), Pablo Fabrega (Social Sciences) and Paul Ojeda (Technologies and Innovation).

Joselynne Perez Ruiz, in charge of the School Community area of the PAR Explora Los Lagos, highlighted the high participation and enthusiasm on the part of the teams that attended the day, where many expressed their satisfaction with the workshops and the methodological tools delivered for the development of their investigations.

“The students and professors were enthusiastic in the different training spaces, where they were able to resolve doubts with the workshop participants assigned to their area of ​​interest, and they were also able to share their experiences and deepen their own research,” said the professional.

The Scientific Advisor of the PAR Explora Los Lagos and Professor Emeritus of the Universidad Austral de Chile Sede Puerto Montt also participated in the opportunity, Dr. Renato Westermeierwho highlighted the great interest of both students and teachers in developing research despite the latent context of the pandemic.

“There is a common element with last year, even when there have been issues with the pandemic, and that is that there is a lot of interest. It’s nice that both teachers and students show their interest in developing research. Along these lines, and after having held the first meetings with this year’s groups, I realize that this interest continues, and that the Explora Los Lagos PAR has done a tremendous job in the sense of encouraging the schools, and that the teachers encourage their students,” said Dr. Westermeier.

Andrea Seguelteacher of Inclusive Nursery Center Inalún de Castrowho attended with the students Florence Rivas Y Henriette Ruiz, commented that the Natural Sciences workshop was very useful to define the theme to be developed by the team. “We found the training excellent. As always, the Explora Project guides us to know if we are doing well with our children, and helps us in methodology and scientific method. We have previous experience in research and have even won the PAR Explora Regional Congress. What excites us the most, whether or not we win, is being able to carry out our research because we believe that science is extremely important,” said the teacher.

The students added that “we are between two issues: one that is ‘plants have sound’ and the other that we call ‘garbage in Chiloé’, specifically in Castro”. Henriette added that “this is our first face-to-face experience, so we are excited”, while Florencia commented that “we thought the experience was excellent. Cool”.

Joselynne Pérez commented that the Research and School Innovation Teams are currently being advised by Dr. Renato Westermeier, and that this day marked the last training related to research methodologies. “Now the teams from the 4 provinces must focus on their own investigations in order to be able to access communication-oriented training and audiovisual tools next semester,” she pointed out.

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