Remnant II available, the cooperative shooter evolves in its battle to save humanity


In 2019 Remnant: From the Ashes surprised with a cooperative bet that convinced more than 2.5 million players, and four years later Remnant II arrives in stores, which is now available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC (Epic Games Store) for 49.99 euros. Behind the title we find the studio Gunfire Games (Darksiders III) again, which on this occasion is accompanied by Gearbox Publishing and not by Perfect World Entertainment. Everything stays at home, as both companies are part of the Embracer Group.

Remnant II repeats the formula in terms of genre and proposal. We find ourselves before a shooter in third person that can be played alone or cooperatively with two friends, and where the objective is to fight to prevent evil from destroying reality in the skin of a survivor of humanity. From here the news begins with the renewal of the archetype system, which is presented as “one of the most important functions of Remnant II”. In the original game the archetypes were a starting point and in the end all the characters had everything at their disposal, but in the sequel the choice does matter.

All archetypes continue to offer custom loadout, including armor, three unique weapons, and the archetype trait, but this time two features are added: archetype perks (main, damage, gear, utility, and relic) and archetype abilities, two new features that are unlocked by gaining experience and leveling up the archetype. This means that each archetype has an independent progression. Choosing an archetype at the beginning only determines the initial playstyle, and as you progress you will unlock the rest and open up the option to change.

Players interested in pure ranged damage should choose the Gunslinger archetype; the Trainer is the option for those looking for a character that is always accompanied and offers support in combat; the short and medium range combatant is the Opponent; the Medic is an expert in healing and relics; and finally, the Hunter is the classic specialist in long-distance and precision attacks.

Remnant II promises “infinite replayability” thanks to its branching quests, crafting and loot system, dungeons, dynamically generated zones, puzzles… Ben Curton, the game’s lead designer, says that hardcore gamers with over 400 hours of gameplay, those who have reviewed the title, and even the developers at Gunfire Games, have not been able to complete Remnant II 100%. Cureton adds that getting all the achievements will be easy, but once this task is completed the game will offer much more.

Like the original game, Remnant II has a post-launch content plan ahead that includes the delivery of three add-ons. Details will be known later.

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