Redemption Reapers confirms its release date for consoles and PC

Ready for a new challenge?

Good news comes to us for all those who are looking for a new proposal, since it has just been confirmed that Redemption Reapers It will arrive at the end of February on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Ready for a new challenge?

If you had not heard about this project, let us tell you that it is a strategy role-playing game created by the publisher Binary Haze Interactive and the developer Adglobe, who want to offer a new adventure with a team that has participated in important sagas such as Bayonetta, Metal Gear Solid, Kingdom Hearts Y Fire Emblemamong others.

Now, it has just been revealed that all those interested will be able to try it in a few weeks, so its managers wanted to share a gameplay trailer that you will surely love.

Here you can see it:

“The clever combat mechanics of Redemption Reapers complements a gripping story during wartime fighting. We look forward to seeing our players explore this saga and experiment with creative tactics to secure victory on February 22,” Binary Haze Interactive CEO Hiroyuki Kobayashi said in a press release.

As you could see, this installment will take you to a moment in which there is no hope left because Mort’s army massacres everything in its path, so a group of mercenaries becomes the only defense against annihilation total.

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It is worth mentioning that the title will allow you to lead the last battle of humanity, all while fighting for redemption and facing brutal enemies using strategic team tactics, surprise attacks and a wide variety of weapons.

Redemption Reapers will be released digitally on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC, via Steam, on February 22. A physical version of the game will arrive in April of this year.

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