‘Radian optimizes and makes factoring secure’: Asoface

'Radian optimizes and makes factoring secure': Asoface

One year after the platform came into force Radianadministered by the dian and what is part of Electronic Invoice Systemwhich allows the registration, consultation and traceability of these sales documents as security, 1,411,784 invoices registered for $25.3 billion are recorded.

According to Luis Valero, deputy director of Electronic Invoicing of the Dianthe endorsed invoices add up to 1,289,377 for $22.8 billion.

(The challenges that financial inclusion still faces).

The official said the factoring is a trust business between two parties in which a third party porYou can pay the invoice in advance that is 60 or 90 days awaywith a discount of a percentage, so that the small business owner obtains quick liquidity and can continue generating business.

(Balance for energy tariff option reaches $4.6 trillion).

He said that with the record in the Radian situations of fraud or duplication (twinning) of invoices or titles are minimized.

(Users of energy and gas will have a new protection regime).

It is a benefit for micro and small entrepreneurs who obtain liquidity from their invoices and do not have to look for credit with high rates or in extrabank markets.” and added that from the regulatory and operational point of view, the country is being seen with interest in the progress, but warns that it is working with the Industry Superintendence to expedite operations, well, sometimes payers do not facilitate more operations because they delay the acknowledgment of receipt of the invoice or merchandise and that could constitute a restriction on free competition.

(Alert for the financial situation of various energy distributors).

Juliana Carmona, president of the Colombian Association of Electronic Factoring (Asoface)a newly created guild, participate in the market by the electronic billers that supply technology, the negotiation systems that are fintech, the factors, that is, the financiers, technology companies and entrepreneurs.


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