Putin disgusts Europe but not as much as Barça

Putin disgusts Europe but not as much as Barça


Today marks one year since the invasion of Ukraine and it is time to do analysis. Putin made his own in a speech to the Duma where he again said that the goal is to denazify Ukraine and then listed all the bad Nazi vices of Westerners: LGTB ideology, gay marriages… It seems that the Trans Law will take time to arrive in Russia. In Spain it has already been approved and trans-ideological are emerging.

Ramón Tamames has transitioned from the PCE to VOX and will be the candidate for the vote of no confidence following the fashion imposed by Joe Biden of candidates with proven experience, at least 70 years listed. Macarena Olona has gone the other way and now she curses VOX, denounces her radicalism and is running as a preacher for Pride 2023. With all this mess it is normal for people to get confused and call Putin both a fascist and a Bolshevik.

Putin hates Europe but not as much as Barça, which yesterday was eliminated from a continental competition for the second time this year. Now he is also awaiting sanctions for having the president of the referees on the payroll. Barça has been one of the protagonists of the memes on Twitter this week, the other has been the Latin Grammys that are going to be held for the first time outside the United States, specifically in Andalusia. There is already talk of Isabel Pantoja reinterpreting Marinero de Luces with Bizarrap or Juan y Medio giving an award to Bad Bunny.

In the first Andalusian Grammys, Shakira will surely be there, who continues to monetize the breakup and has released another song of spite, this time with Karol G. The lyrics have the same credibility as Macarona Olona with Jordi Évole, she says she has gotten over being dumped. My bet is that next year he picks up the Grammy in Seville at the hands of Los Morancos with a Madrid shirt.

This week’s Tuitopia hashtags are #AYearOfWar #GrammysAndaluces, #TamamesTrans and #Madeleine.

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