Putin assures that the grain agreement has only benefited “the big American and European companies”

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The Russian president indicates that the countries most in need are those that have received the least amount of cereal

July 24 () –

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has assured this Sunday that the grain agreement has only benefited “big American and European companies” and that countries such as Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Afghanistan have received less than 3 percent of exports, which would be equivalent to less than one million tons.

“But this grain pact, which the West presented in public as a manifestation of its willingness to act for the good of Africa, was actually used openly only to enrich the big American and European companies that exported and resold grain from Ukraine. The facts speak for themselves,” Putin said during a speech released by the Presidency.

“In almost a year of the grain pact, a total of 32.8 million tons of cargo was exported from Ukraine, more than 70 percent of which went to high- and upper-middle-income countries, including the European Union, while countries like Ethiopia, Sudan and Somalia, and also Yemen and Afghanistan, received less than 3 percent of the total volume, that is, less than one million tons,” the Russian president added.

Putin has explained that Russia promised to participate in the grain agreement to “guarantee world food security, reduce the threat of famine and help the poorest countries”, but that he has opposed prolonging the pact because “none of the conditions were met” regarding the lifting of sanctions on the export of grain and fertilizer.

“We faced obstacles when we delivered free mineral fertilizers to needy and poorest countries. Of the 262,000 tons of products blocked in European ports, only two batches were managed to be shipped: 20,000 tons to Malawi and 34,000 to Kenya,” the president said.

The Russian president has stressed that the rest of the Russian exports affected by the sanctions “remained in the hands of the dishonest Europeans”.

In addition, he has asserted that, despite the sanctions, Russia is “prepared” to replace Ukrainian grain “both on a commercial and free basis” because “another record harvest is expected this year”, and that the country will continue to supply grain, food, fertilizers and other goods to Africa.

Putin explained that Russia managed to export 11.5 million tons of cereal in 2022 to Africa, a figure that has reached 10 million so far this year both “contractually” and “free of charge”, even “through the UN World Food Program”.

The president has reiterated that the sanctions imposed on Russia hinder the shipment of food to the countries that suffer the most from global problems, with the African continent being the one that “feels the burden the most.”

“We are confident that the new multipolar world order, the outlines of which have begun to be drawn, will be more just and democratic,” Putin said.

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