PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS x Street Fighter 6: Battle Royale Announces Epic Collaboration With Fighting Game

PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS x Street Fighter 6: Battle Royale Announces Epic Collaboration With Fighting Game

The developer company KRAFTON, Inc. has confirmed the launch of a series of news and exclusive content for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDSwhich includes a collaboration with Street Fighter 6. This amazing partnership and the launch of the revamped PUBG Arcade come courtesy of the PUBG Survivor Fest event.

PUBG Survivor Fest: prizes and challenges

Led by an exciting series of in-game events and activities, PUBG Survivor Fest offers the community the chance to win both virtual and physical prizes by participating in a variety of missions. The festival kicks off with the Summer Mission event hub website, which will be updated regularly throughout the season with new in-game tasks for players to complete.

Completing these challenges will allow players to earn Summer Stamps, needed to be eligible to be one of the randomly selected lucky winners. Prizes include a new summer nameplate, G-COIN, and a high-end gaming PC. PUBG Survivor Fest will run until September 13, giving players plenty of time to immerse themselves in the game and start collecting stamps.

The premiere of Bluebomb Rush in the renewed PUBG Arcade

PUBG Arcade has undergone a major upgrade with the July 24.2 update, introducing specialized game modes like Intense Battle Royale and Team Deathmatch. To these modalities the new Bluebomb Rush is added. The updated Arcade will also host LABS modes, both old and future. Thanks to the new Arcade Points (AP) system, Survivors who dare to explore these alternative ways of playing PUBG can expect to earn unique new in-game rewards.


Street Fighter 6 x PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS: a match made for glory

At the end of July, fans of fighting games will see familiar faces of notable newcomers joining our roster of character skins. PUBG’s collaboration with CAPCOM’s popular fighting game Street Fighter 6 will bring some of the game’s most iconic fighters to our intense Battle Royale matches, including Chun-Li, Ryu, Luke and Cammy. These Street Fighter 6 themed items will be available for purchase to all players from July 26 through September 20.


Drops Special Events

Special Drop events will also be included in our extensive summer update. Players will have the chance to win rewards like the Street Fighter 6 themed helmet (tier 3), emote, Hunter’s Chest, Contraband Coupon, and more by participating in in-game events like Summer Splash Bingo, Midsummer Check- in Event and Battle Street.

The long-awaited update 24.2 of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS is now available for PC and will arrive on consoles starting on July 19. Do not miss the opportunity to be part of this exciting adventure.

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