PS5 Pro already has a code name, Trinity, and would be sold in 2024 according to insider

When was the console released? Playstation 4, few imagined what would be the fate of the device. The normal thing is that each generation is valid for approximately 7 years; however, graphics and processing technology advanced so fast that Sony was forced to revamp the PS4 with two versions, one Slim and one Pro.

In this way, the Japanese company delivered a much more powerful product that also responded to the needs of users. Well, according to leaks and rumors, this situation would repeat itself with the current generation console, playstation 5.

Weeks ago, this same newspaper reported that a Slim version would be in development, according to Microsoft documents. The company that competes with Sony is aware of the development of technologies that rival the Xbox Series X and that possibly reach the market in 2024.

Now an insider claims to have information about Trinity or the PlayStation 5 Pro console. Tom Henderson, journalist in charge of Insider Gaming, was the one who gave the code name to the project and recently detailed that the development of the console began in the year 2022.

Most studios will receive development kits by the end of November 2023″, he explains on his blog. This means that the first compatible games or ports for the PS5 Pro console would be ready in mid-2024.

Technical details of the PS5 Pro

The PlayStation 5 console would have a Pro version in the future.

The PlayStation 5 console would have a Pro version in the future.

As the insider explains, he cannot offer many details about the technical characteristics of the PlayStation 5 console. But he believes that it will be possible to achieve a consistent framerate in 4K resolution. A major leap for the current generation; Let’s remember that the PS5 has a performance mode that allows you to play at 60 fps but with worse graphics, while if you force 4K, you have to lower the performance to 30 fps.

He ends his article with the statement that Sony does not plan to launch more hardware than the one shown at his last conference. “The next time I talk about PlayStation hardware it will probably be the PlayStation 6, which is currently targeting 2028.″, sentence.

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