Promote investments and more commitments in the Petro-Maduro meeting

Petro and Maduro

Gustavo Petro, President of Colombia, and Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela, met this Saturday, January 7, in Caracas, the Venezuelan capital, during an extraordinary bilateral meeting.

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It was the second meeting in two months that both leaders have. The first time was on November 1, 2022. In addition, there was an extra meeting that took place in the UN Climate Summit, COP 27, also in the penultimate month of last year.

The meeting on January 7 at the Miraflores Palace, in Caracas, was marked by peace, investment, border integration and infrastructure.

Once finished, the leaders issued a joint statement in which they stated that “Venezuela, as a guarantor country of the peace negotiations with the ELN, will support the Government of Colombia in its objective of maintaining the bilateral ceasefire and total peace”.

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Regarding investments, it was reported that they discussed the progress achieved to complete the negotiation of the agreement regarding the promotion and reciprocal protection of investments, which will facilitate direct investments that will promote technology transfer, the formation of value-added chains and the productive and sustainable development of Colombia and Venezuela.

The progress achieved in the opening of the border bridges between Colombia and Venezuela was reported, which have made it possible to improve the conditions of Colombian and Venezuelan citizens in the border areas. Likewise, the local and regional border authorities will be given instructions to complete the process of opening all border crossings for the international transport of goods and passengers, both in public service and in private vehicles.they added.

Also, it was made public that on January 27 there will be a meeting between representatives of each government to review the Partial Scope Agreement number 28, that governs bilateral trade in terms of market access and sanitary and phytosanitary matters; and the Economic Complementation Framework Agreement.

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Another aspect that will be promoted from both countries “They will be binational agricultural, industrial and service complementation agreements, as well as infrastructure development, with special emphasis on the sustainable development of border areas.“.

Petro and Maduro.

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On the subject of infrastructure, specifically, it was reported that the binational projectsin terms of connectivity, energy and food production and processing; and a technical commission will be created to build and formulate connectivity projects between the Caribbean Sea and the Colombian Pacific“.

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We highlight the good relations and permanent communication between the two nations for the achievement of common objectives”, Presidents Petro and Maduro said.


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