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Project Q: this is the new Sony device to play PlayStation 5 from anywhere via streaming

Sony has announced at the PlayStation Showcase that it will launch a portable device to play via streaming. It is not a handheld consoleLike the Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck, with enough power to run games locally, but a solution that uses Remote Play to take PS5 games anywhere.

Project Q, which is how the device is known until the Japanese company makes its trade name official, is in the development phase. However, Sony assures that it will be launched on the market “later this year”, so we will have to wait to see it in action. Of course, they have already shared some interesting details about this proposal.

An 8-inch handheld “console”

We are facing an 8-inch device with an LCD screen capable of providing a resolution of 1080p@60fps. As we can see in the images, Project Q has a lot of Sony’s Dual Sense controller, in fact, it looks like an extended controller with a display screen.

playstation project 2

So we find ourselves with the typical controls that we are already used to from the PS5, with its features such as haptic feedback and others, as commented by the head of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, at the PlayStation Showcase 2023.

That Project Q works with Remote Play means that it will connect to our console to stream the games. To do this, the console must be connected to the Internet, with sufficient upload and download speed. and our portable device to a WiFi network under the same conditions.

Let’s also remember that Remote Play has been available for a long time and allows us to play from any device that meets the conditions over the Internet. Now, the big question is whether Sony will also offer a game alternative directly from the cloud.

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Separately, the company also revealed the first official wireless headset for PlayStation, which promises to provide a immersive audio experience for PS5, PC, and smartphones via Bluetooth, but have no release date announced.

Images: Sony

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