Project L, the fighting game based on League of Legends, confirms that it will be free-to-play


Project L, Riot Games’ 2D fighting game based on the League of Legends universe, doesn’t have a name yet, but it does have a business model that won’t surprise anyone: it will be a free-to-play. It is true that the Tencent subsidiary has one-time payment titles such as Ruined King, but everything multiplayer it touches is offered without an initial cost. In the same development journal, the company has also announced that Illaoi will be one of the fighters present in the title.

“One of the goals is to make Project L as easy to enjoy as possible,” says Project L Senior Director and Executive Producer Tom Cannon in the dev diary below. “We want you to be able to play wherever you live, whether or not you have money for games or even if you don’t know how to play well. I am happy to confirm that Project L will be free-to-play. It won’t be a surprise, considering our other games.”

“Our team is made up of fighting game veterans and people who love this community. We have a maxim: if we don’t like it, we don’t do it. On monetization: we promise to respect your time and money,” added Cannon.

Regarding the champions that will be available or that will come to the fighting title, Shaun Rivera, associate director and director of design of the game experience of Project L, Explain that the objective of the study “is to have a diverse and inclusive squad, where everyone can find a champion who represents them.” To do this, Riot Games takes into account many things, such as the way of fighting, the theme, the archetype, team synergy, race and ethnicity, personality, identity, size…

After analyzing all of Illaoi’s background in the different games of the League of Legends universe, the development team defined her essence as follows: “She is a spiritual leader, powerful and charismatic, who inspires others to become a force unstoppable”. They also highlight her imposing presence and being a character capable of attracting attention due to her physique and her confident and determined attitude. At the end of the process, the aim is for the character, in this case Illaoi, to be instantly recognizable, even if she is in an unpublished genre.

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