Pro-Russian authorities put the death toll from flooding after the destruction of the Kajovka dam at 41


Kakhovka – Sergei Chuzavkov / Zuma Press / Contactphoto

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June 21 () –

The pro-Russian authorities on Wednesday raised to 41 the death toll from the floods caused by the destruction of the Kajovka dam, in the Kherson region (south), an event for which Kiev and Moscow have exchanged accusations.

The governor of Kherson, Andrei Alekseenko, who has reported the balance of victims on his Telegram channel, has indicated that New Kajovka is gradually coming out of the state of emergency declared after the floods.

Alekseenko has indicated that there are districts in which the water has disappeared, although it remains underground, while there are localities where “there is still a lot of water”, despite the fact that “all the forces of the Ministry of Emergency Situations are dedicated to pumping the system sewage and water supply facilities.

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky accused “Russian terrorists” of destroying the dam “with an internal detonation”, while Kremlin spokesman Dimitri Peskov said it was “clear” and “deliberate” sabotage carried out Cape for Ukraine.

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