President of the Central Bank accused of money laundering

Other news of the day: Pyongyang continues to test missiles as Seoul warns of the risk of exposure to radioactive materials. US diplomats prevented from meeting with Christian leaders in Vietnam. In 2022, 150 asylum seekers died in Malaysia, while on the island of Nauru two migrants sewed their lips together in protest.


The president of the Lebanese central bank, Riad Salameh, was accused of money laundering, embezzlement and illicit enrichment for having stolen $300 million from the Banque du Liban between 2002 and 2015. The prosecution also filed charges against Salameh’s brother, Raja, and an adviser. The accusations are the result of an 18-month investigation, while Lebanon is experiencing a prolonged and severe economic depression.


While Pyongyang tests four cruise missiles to demonstrate its ability to carry out a nuclear counterattack (as claimed by North Korean government media), Seoul warns that hundreds of thousands of North Koreans could be exposed to radioactive materials that end up in the water. The Transitional Justice Working Group explained that this risk also extends to citizens of China, Japan and South Korea.


local authorities prevented for staff from the US consulate in Ho Chi Minh City to meet with Christian leaders living in Dak Lak province to discuss religious freedom. Members of the Central Highlands Evangelical Church of Christ reported that police officers had been deployed in front of their homes. In recent months, many religious groups in the region have been prevented from holding services or performing rituals on the grounds that the groups are not registered with the government and are therefore illegitimate.


Chaos continues around local elections in Sri Lanka. the supreme court postponed until May 11 hearing of the appeal against the lack of financing by the government for the elections, scheduled for March 9. The measure sanctions in fact the impossibility of holding the elections on the scheduled date.


Human rights groups urged Malaysia to investigate the living conditions in immigration detention centers. The government had reported that in 2022, 150 foreigners died in the facilities, including seven children. The causes of deaths and the number of detained migrants have not been disclosed, but according to data from last year, Malaysia is holding more than 17,700 people in its centers.


In another immigration detention center, on the small island country of Nauru, two refugees from Bangladesh they literally sewed their lips together in protest after almost 10 years of detention on the island. “In Nauru we are treated as if we were animals, not humans,” said Mohammad Shofiqul Islam and Mohammad Kaium. There are still about 150 migrants in Narau and Papua New Guinea, the two countries to which Australia has sent asylum seekers it does not want to receive on its territory.


A investigation, involving various associations, reported on sexual assaults by Russian soldiers in Ukraine. So far only 155 people have filed a formal complaint, but in reality there would be several hundred, including against children, minors and the elderly, as well as numerous group rapes.


Uzbekistan President Mirziyoyev paid an official visit to Egypt. At the Business-Forum in Cairo, he closed an agreement with the main companies in the country to carry out 20 projects, with a total investment of 1.6 billion dollars. Later he met with Egyptian President Al-Sisi.

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