Police chief fired in shooting that killed 19 children

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The Uvalde School Board decided to dismiss the uniformed leader of the educational district, Pedro Arredondo, for his weak response when the incident occurred. Criticized by parents and members of the community, in June he had been dismissed and this Wednesday his departure from office was defined.

This Wednesday, August 24, the dismissal of Pedro ‘Pete’ Arredondo as head of the Police of the Uvalde educational district was resolved. Unanimously, the School Board agreed on the dismissal of the person in charge who did not act correctly on the day of the shooting at the school that left 19 children and two teachers dead.

Arredondo is at the center of the scene, accused of having taken more than an hour to mobilize the police to confront the 18-year-old perpetrator, who was finally killed.

The now former police chief was not present at the meeting, which he called an “illegal and unconstitutional public lynching,” his lawyer said in a document.

Although Arredondo was discharged from his position on June 22, he had never resigned from the position and kept the title. However, after being the target of much criticism from parents and other members of the educational community for his late response to the shooting, he was displaced.


The session where the departure took place lasted an hour and a half and included the words of students and parents, who did not hide their displeasure. “If the children had been their children, heads would have already rolled,” one of the adults accused the members of the School Board.

This suspension of the police chief comes the day after the director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, Steven McCraw, told a Texas Senate committee that Arredondo made “terrible decisions” and the operation was “an absolute failure.”

McCraw explained that there were the number of police necessary to respond to the shooting just three minutes after Salvador Ramos – the author of the massacre – entered the school. However, the armed men waited 77 minutes in a corridor, during which time the attacker caused a massacre.

The US government is finding out why the police response was so and why the agents took so long to confront Ramos. In an interview with the Texas Tribune newspaper, Arredondo claimed not to know that he was in charge and assumed that another unit had assumed responsibility.

It is expected that, when the investigation deepens, there will be more details regarding the communication between the police forces in the Uvalde shooting, the second most serious in a school in the last decade in the United States.


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