Pokémon GO study faces lawsuit for gender inequality and sexist work culture

The class action lawsuit against Niantic was filed on July 7

Niantic is frequently in the middle of controversies stemming from Pokémon GO, so it is not strange that there are people angry with the company. However, the latest controversy is not the fault of the mobile title, but the company itself.

We say this because a class action lawsuit filed against Niantic for sexist labor practices and gender inequality that favors the company’s men has just been made public.

The lawsuit, led by a former company employee who lost her job as part of the recent wave of layoffs, accuses Niantic of being biased when it comes to its employees’ pay, instead favoring those who are men. .

The class action lawsuit against Niantic was filed on July 7

The woman refers that the company devalues ​​the work of women and women of color alike. According to the details, the former employee realized that in 2022 a colleague was earning $127,000 USD a year while she only received $105,000 USD despite the fact that she was 1 rank higher and had more responsibilities. Even after moving up 1 position the year after, she was still earning less ($115,000 USD).

In 2023, she realized, thanks to Niantic making the salary ranges for her different positions public, that she was being paid up to $10,000 less than her male counterpart.

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Niantic would have covered up the problems of inequality and sexism

The woman expressed her disagreement with the mediating human resources company that Niantic subcontracted, Wolfpack. But once the complaints were exposed to Niantic’s equity, diversity and inclusion commission, both they and “Niantic’s top brass were hostile to their complaints or concerns about sexism or gender inequality in the workplace” (via The Verge).

The main plaintiff refers that the executives claimed that the job evaluations to which she was subjected were influenced by these altercations and that her salary was reduced as a result of discussing how much her colleagues earned.

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In the lawsuit, the statements of this employee are reinforced with the results of surveys that Wolfpack carried out and that showed that “many employees saw Niantic as a work culture that hurts employees” and that they also “expressed concerns about pay Equitable from Niantic”.

It also refers that when the company’s chief marketing executive, Mike Quigley, was informed of the results, he requested that Wolfpack remove comments that made reference to the “boys’ club” and sexism in the company, apart from the fact that Wolfpack was told this group that could not do surveys without permission from upper management.

Until the moment of publishing the note, Niantic has not spoken about it.

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