Pokémon GO! on hold: Niantic denounced for “systematically devaluing” women

Pokémon GO!  on hold: Niantic denounced for "systematically devaluing" women

The developer nianticresponsible of Pokémon GO!has been sued by a former employee for alleged gender discrimination and sexism that “systemically devalues” the work of women, “especially women of color.”

The portal The Verge reported that the demand was made by an Asian woman who was working in niantic from 2020 until last week, when the company laid off 230 people.

“Niantic’s treatment of its female employees, including the plaintiff, sent the message to them that niantic did not value them and that they would be retained in the workplace because they are women and/or women of color”the lawyers commented. “Niantic’s treatment of its female employees who raised concerns about discrimination in the workplace also sent them the message that Niantic did not tolerate any opposition or concern about the way women were treated there.”.

The plaintiff provided cases from her own experience on how she has been surpassed by male colleagues with more salary and less experience within nianticdespite increasing responsibilities.

For example, the former employee realized last year that a lower-ranking colleague was earning $127,000 per year while she only received $105,000. Even after moving up one position in 2023, she still earned less ($115,000).

The lawsuit could become a class action while more testimony is collected from what is called a “sexist boys club” that would have affected several women. nianticfor its part, has not ruled so far.

Cases of wage discrimination in the gaming industry

There was a class action lawsuit against the company Riot Games in 2018, where female employees accused the company of wage and gender discrimination. The lawsuit alleged that women received lower wages, fewer opportunities for advancement, and faced a hostile work environment. The company had to pay 100 million dollars.

Former company employees Telltale Games, known for its narrative games, revealed that there was a significant pay gap between men and women at the company. Women were reported to earn considerably less than their male counterparts, despite having similar roles and responsibilities.

In 2021, a lawsuit was filed against the video game company Blizzard Entertainment due to gender discrimination and salary disparities. Women at the company received lower wages than men in similar roles, as well as faced discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

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