PnB Rock’s girlfriend Stephanie Sibounheuang breaks silence on his murder, says rapper ‘saved my life’

Steph Sibounheuang and PnB Rock.

The devastated girlfriend of the late rapper PnB Rock broke her silence the following Thursday his horrible murder that took place in front of her.

Stephanie Sibounheuang was having lunch with the Philadelphia native, whose real name is Rakim Hasheem Allen, when she was shot by a robber at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in Los Angeles on September 12.

The “selfish” hitmaker, 30, was rushed to a nearby hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

Speaking about the ordeal, Sibounheuang, who shared her 2-year-old daughter Xuri with PnB Rock, said she’s “not 100% okay” a month later.

“My man saved my life, throwing me under that table. I’m not supposed to be here but for him. Am. No one would be able to handle this.” she wrote alongside a video composed of clips of the couple.

“To witness what I saw and keep seeing it in my head, being forced out of the restaurant, not being able to go in the ambulance or to the hospital, car keys, bag and phone taken from me, forced on the back of a police car, locked in an interrogation room all night while all this is going on and being the last person in this world to know that my man didn’t make it after having the faith and trust that he was,” Sibounheuang continued. . .

Moments before the shooting, Sibounheuang shared a photo of the couple’s lunch on his Instagram story and tagged the location of the restaurant. She deleted the post shortly after.

Three people: a 17-year-old, his father, Freddie Lee Trone, 40, and Shauntel Trone, 32. were arrested for murder. Shauntel was arrested for accessory to murder, according to LAPD.

Days after his death, PnB Rock was the most listened to rapper on Apple Music.
Steph Sibounheuang/Instagram

Rock, who gained national fame in 2015, is best known for his single “Selfish,” which reached No. 51 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The song rose to the top of the charts in the days after his death, becoming the most-streamed song in the US on Apple Music on September 15.

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