PlayStation revives rumor of Uncharted again with commercial for Super Bowl LVII

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As expected, PlayStation released a new commercial during Super Bowl LVII to promote PlayStation 5 and some of its biggest franchises. Although there was no announcement of God of War: Ragnarok as many wanted, the video did generate expectations among the fans of Uncharted.

We tell you this since a particular scene in the video revived rumors about the possible return of the popular franchise. Previously, another commercial had hinted at this possibility with scenes showing a woman blowing up a mysterious cavern. This character appeared again and no one knows for sure who it is.

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Were there clues of the return of Uncharted in Super Bowl LVII?

As speculated, PlayStation took advantage of the sporting event to continue with its Live from PS5 promotional campaign. God of War: Ragnarok was present, as we see Kratos and Atreus momentarily as they run towards the court.

Subsequently, scenes of final fantasy 16, Gran Turismo 7 and other major games already available or coming soon to the console. One in particular that appears in the 22nd second caught the attention of the players.

In it, the mysterious woman from the past commercial appears again, but this time we can see her face better. She approaches a pedestal that holds a box that apparently hides a great secret. Fans again related the character to Uncharted and his possible return.

It is also believed that PlayStation is hinting at other projects that it has in the pipeline and that it has not revealed. However, the reality is that for now there is nothing confirmed. The community is still investigating the scenes in the cavern, as it’s unclear if they actually have anything to do with Uncharted or with a new IP.

Below you can see the PlayStation promotional video and an image of the exact moment where the enigmatic scene is shown:

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