PlayStation 5 will have new covers and a new color for the DualSense

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Sony has just announced a new line of accessories for PlayStation 5 gamers. This is the Gray Camouflage collection, which includes attractive skins for the new generation console, a new color for the DualSense, as well as another model of the Pulse 3D headset. .

Through the PlayStation Blog, the company revealed that these items will be available this fall in select regions, including countries in Latin America. Little by little they will reach more countries until they are available worldwide.

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When does the PS5 Gray Camouflage Collection debut?

PlayStation explained that its design team worked to offer something special in the collection. The new accessories will feature a camouflage pattern in various shades of gray to give players a “cooler, more contemporary feel.”

The new PlayStation 5 skins and gray controller will debut globally on October 14. Pre-sales of the items will start on September 15 at the company’s official store and at various retailers.

As for the headset, we only know that it will be available sometime in December. It is important to clarify that each item is sold separately. Sony warned that pre-sale and release dates may vary by region.

The company did not detail the prices of these new releases, so they are expected to cost the same as previous collections and variants of covers, controllers and headsets. Below you can see a trailer showing the products.

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