Pink is disappointed that her comments about a decades-long argument with Christina Aguilera made headlines


() — Pink says a story she told about an old feud with Christina Aguilera has now become the main focus of the press around her latest album.

The singer, who recently released her latest album, “Trustfall,” recounted a story about accidentally sitting in Aguilera’s chair when they were working together, prompting Aguilera to fly into a rage. Pink resorted to instagram to explain that she was disappointed with the coverage, hoping that people would focus on her art.

“I am very saddened and disappointed by the narrative surrounding some of the press that I have been doing around my album,” she wrote.

Pink and Christina Aguilera. (Credit: Mike Coppola/Chris Delmas/AFP/Getty Images)

“While some of the responsibility lies with me and my inability to lie and my uncanny ability to overshare, my real disappointment lies in the fact that art can never be the center of attention when you’re a woman.”

She continued: “The fact that I created one of the most beautiful albums with the most beautiful people—sang like crazy, made myself completely vulnerable—eleven albums, selling out stadiums, raising good kids, consistently employing hundreds of good, hard-working people, I The only thing you get asked over and over again is a silly feud from your twenties.”

She added that “for every one or two women I’ve had issues with, there are hundreds I’ve congratulated, supported and loved. But we don’t talk about it.” Pink added that there is a double standard when it comes to men and women in the entertainment industry, writing, “I wonder when was the last time Bradley Cooper or Robert De Niro was asked in interview after interview about any discussion. that they have had What about Christian Bale?”

In the end, Pink says that an apology and “owning up for your mistakes” is what really matters.

“To Christina, you know where we stand. Settled. Moving forward and getting better,” she wrote.

Pink appears as a guest on this week’s show “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?”. New episodes air Fridays on HBO Max and air Sundays at 7 pm (Miami time) on . Both companies are owned by Warner Bros. Discovery.

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