Pepephone will unlock the speed of its 5G network in January

Pepephone will unlock the speed of its 5G network in January

A configuration error has caused Pepephone users to see limits on their network speed when they connect to 5G coverage, and according to what we can read in Broadbandit seems that this problem was purely a configuration problem, and it will be fixed for next year.

Specifically, as of January 11, Pepephone users will be able to begin to see how their 5G network connections begin to enjoy higher speeds, and that is a configuration problem derived from a legacy QoS rule of the 4G network of the company offers has made many users find themselves with speeds typical of a 4G network, because the limits were the same.

As we read, there was an AMBR profile for customers with improperly configured Pepephone SIM, where although Yoigo users can use up to symmetrical 1Gbps when using the 5G network, Pepephone users are limited to 256Mbps download and 150Mbps upload on the same network.

On the other hand, YouTube videos also seem to load at an abnormally slow speedsomething that does not seem to depend directly on PepePhone but on Yoigo, the company that controls the network, although both are owned by the MasMovil group. This is under study, so a fix may take longer to arrive, if at all.

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