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Participate in the dissemination of your research and results in the area of ​​Health Sciences!

Participate in the dissemination of your research and results in the area of ​​Health Sciences!

The Science in Chile team is pleased to invite you to participate in the first national call for research projects in the field of Health Sciences. The purpose of the call is to disseminate recent research and results through 30 written reports, which will be published through the Kultrún publishing house with a digital ISBN record. It is a great opportunity to share your research with a broader audience and contribute to the advancement of health in our country. We hope count with your participation!

Development process:

CienciaEnChile journalists will coordinate with the participants and conduct one or more interviews. With the information provided, they will write a report that will be sent for approval and adjustments. Once the researcher reviews and approves the text, it will be sent to the publisher for review and compilation along with the other documents. We’ll make sure your research is accurately and effectively presented in final reports!

By being part we offer you:

-Each text will be accompanied by one or more photographs provided by the research team to illustrate and complement the content.

-To facilitate the identification and reference of each report, the name and number of the corresponding project will be included visibly and clearly in the footer and/or in the references of the publication.

-The book will be registered with a digital ISBN, which guarantees its identification and online access.

-The author of the reports will be Ciencia en Chile, and the name of the journalist responsible for each chapter will be clearly indicated in internal publications.

-To publicize the research at the national level, a virtual launch will be carried out up to 12 months after the call.

-A total of 18 printed books will be delivered to the address indicated by the project director.

-The book will be published through the Kultrún publishing house, which has more than 270 book publications to date, and will be a valuable contribution to the advancement of Health Sciences in our country.

Calendar (It can be modified, in which case each researcher who participates in the publication will be notified).

Closing date for interested parties: April 28 2023

Date of interviews, writing of texts: May– November

Approval of the texts: in order of interviews and registration.

Date of design, edition and editorial participation: to be confirmed

Launch month: December – January (can be modified depending on the closing date of the 30 places)

cost to participate:

Take the opportunity to publicize your project and results and give greater visibility to your research! In this initiative, your project will be disseminated through a written report, accompanied by illustrative photographs, in order to publicize the results and advances obtained in the area of ​​Health Sciences.

Do not miss the opportunity to highlight your research and contribute to the advancement of Health Sciences in our country. Sign up now and be part of this national call!

As participate?

Step 2: Confirm registration payment: $357,000 VAT included

Transfer data:

Santander bank current account

Account number 87577503

Ruth 76.424.115-0

[email protected]

Subject: Health Sciences Book – Chile

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