PAKISTAN Faisalabad, the Good Samaritan association helps Christians and Muslims

Ejaz Masih, a father of three children, fell into debt and was forced to close his business. Thanks to the help of the NGO he was able to reopen the store and stock it with merchandise. Rehan Farooq, the president: “We turn the unemployed into businessmen” and the “beggars into donors.” Together with the “marginalized people, but rich in talents” regardless of the caste or the religion they profess.

Faisalabad () – “I have no words to thank you enough. I was unemployed, I had nothing to feed my children”, but thanks to the help of the association ‘El Buen Samaritano’ I was able to start a new business”. It is a testimony of gratitude and hope that of Ejaz Masih, a Christian merchant, father of three children and resident of Dawood Nagar, a suburb of Faisalabad (Punjab). A short time ago he had to face a very serious financial crisis. He had a fruit and vegetable store, but he had to close it due to lack of funds and he lost his job. He was desperate because he couldn’t even pay the children’s fees and he had to keep getting into debt so as not to lose the house.

With no money and no job, Ejaz Masih knocked in vain on the doors of many Pakistani organizations for help. One day, through word of mouth from some neighbors, he found out about the Good Samaritan Resource Center and researching on the internet and watching some videos he was impressed by the numerous humanitarian activities. He then made the decision to contact them and then scheduled a meeting. President Rehan Farooq guaranteed him the necessary help to reopen his business.

The association facilitated what was necessary to find a commercial space and also provided the raw material by buying bags of vegetables and fruits. The amount disbursed can be repaid without interest within a year with small monthly installments, while at the same time covering the needs of the family. “I was out of work,” he says, “now my business is consolidated and I have a lot of raw material to sell,” and from the beginning “the business seems to be going very well.”

As Farooq, of Christian religion, explains, the Good Samaritan helps those in need without making distinctions of faith, caste or social origin. “We turn the unemployed – he tells – into entrepreneurs, people who ask, donors. Our organization has always been close to the marginalized but talent-rich people.” The Good Samaritan has been operating for two years and so far has helped about 30 families with interest-free loans, “and when they return the money, we reinvest it to help other people”, inspired by the principles and values ​​of charity Christian, as the Good Samaritan of the Gospel teaches. “We are at the service – he concludes – not only of Christians but also of Muslims, helping them start small businesses, and we find in God the strength to continue our work”.

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