Overwhelmed by protests, Netanyahu halts (for now) the justice reform

Today’s news: North Korea shelves Covid-19 and decorates the streets with (fake) flowers to celebrate Kim Il Sung. Vietnamese political prisoner Phan Kim Khanh, recently released, denounces labor exploitation in prisons. Tomorrow night, Lebanon will change the time to adopt daylight saving time. Civil protection films are shown in parks and public places in Russia, instructing the population in the event of a nuclear attack. In Uttar Pradesh, Hindu radicals prevent Muslims from praying on the occasion of Ramadan.


Last night, Israel regained its calm after several days of violent protests: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced his intention to freeze the controversial justice reform for a month, until after Passover. The decision came after negotiations between the leaders of the far-right coalition, including Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, who was pushing for speedy approval.


Pyongyang buries Covid-19 (and hunger) under a blanket of flowers. For the first time in three years, North Korea celebrates the birth of its founder, kim il sung, decorating streets and squares, from the capital to rural towns. To make up for the scarcity of natural flowers, paper flowers are used. The celebration is called “Day of the Sun” and commemorates the cult of Kim.


Vietnamese political prisoner Phan Kim Khanh, recently released after serving a six-year sentence, denounces exploitation in prisons, where prisoners are forced to work without receiving pay. They must work six hours a day, under threat of punishment if they refuse. His tasks include the manufacture of rattan or bamboo textile products for the European Union market.


In Uttar Pradesh, ruled by Prime Minister Modi’s BJP, exponents of the radical Hindu movement Bajrang Dal they prevented Muslims from reciting Taraweeh, the prayer that breaks the daily fast during Ramadan. The extremists, led by leader Rohan Saxena, protested against the police for protecting Islamic worshipers during worship celebrations.


The Lebanese interim government, after yesterday’s meeting devoted entirely to this issue, decided to introduce the summer schedule from the night of March 29 to 30, canceling the controversial Nagib Mikati’s previous directive to postpone its entry into force until the end of Ramadan. In a televised speech, the prime minister stated that he needed 48 hours to “resolve technical issues.”


In Moscow’s Gorky Park and other places in Russia, films produced by Civil Defense are shown on advertising screens. In the videos, audiences are told how to pack an “emergency bag,” lay out gauze bandages, and what to do in the event of a chemical or nuclear attack.


The Russian Defense Ministry accused the Azerbaijani army of violating the 2020 agreements by establishing military positions beyond the established line on the territory and demanded its withdrawal. The Azerbaijanis claim that they had to organize a preemptive defense against the warlike actions of the Armenians in the Lačin corridor.

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