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OpenAI disables ‘Explore with Bing’ from ChatGPT, connected to the Internet, because it was accessing content with a paywall

July 5 (Portaltic/EP) –

Open AI ha disabled ‘Browse with Bing beta’ featureavailable in the Plus version of ChatGPT, since having access to the Internet, it was used by users to access content media circumventing their paywalls.

OpenAI has a paid version of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot, ChatGPT Plusis left over exclusive access to capabilities of the company’s most advanced language model GPT-4 and other functionalities for 22.99 euros per month.

The company led by Sam Altman incorporated last week the Microsoft Bing search engine capabilities in ChatGPT Plus with a new feature ‘Explore with Bing’. With this new feature, the ‘chatbot’ is able to offer “complete answers and current knowledge about events and information.”

This means that their Answers are no longer just based on the data the model is trained on, if not that they include updated information, obtained through all the capabilities of the Bing search engine.

However, by introducing Bing capabilities into ChatGPT, the ‘chatbot’ has offered users Internet content that was protected with paywallsbypassing these barriers, so OpenAI has decided to disable this function “as a precaution”, until a solution is found.

This was alerted by a user through a reddit postwhere he shared how ChatGPT had given him access to information from an article in The Atlanticthat had a pay wall. For the ‘chatbot’ to offer this information, the user only had to ask me to reproduce the text of said article.

Based on these facts, OpenAI has shared a statement on its help page informing users that the ‘Browse with Bing Beta’ feature “may occasionally display content in ways we don’t want” and therefore it has been disabled this feature “out of an abundance of caution”.

In this sense, they have explained that the decision has been made momentarily while looking for a solution to “do right by content owners.” “We are working to recover the beta version as quickly as possible and we appreciate your understanding!”, OpenAI sentence.

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