One Piece’s live-action shines in its first trailer; It already has a release date on Netflix

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Netflix has a lot of projects in development and perhaps one of the most ambitious and most important among manga and anime fans is the adaptation of one piece. Today we finally got to see the first production trailer and it looks great.

Netflix threw the house out the window to carry out the new edition of TUDUM in Brazil. The event was full of surprises and among them was the revelation of the first preview of the live-action series of one piece.

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The live action of one piece It already has a release date on Netflix!

Thanks to the advance, it was not only possible to see for the first time the Mexican actor Iñaki Godoy in the role of Luffy, the main character of the story. Also featured were several members of the Straw Hats that fans are of course familiar with, such as Nami (played by the beautiful and talented actress Emily Rudd) and Rorona Zoro (played by Arata Mackenyu).

Best of all, Netflix also took the opportunity to reveal the series’ premiere date, scheduled for August 31, exclusively for the streaming service.

Below you can see the great progress.

In case you missed it: the crossover of one piece, dragonball and Toriko will arrive in LATAM with dubbing.

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