Official documents found at the home of former US Vice President Mike Pence

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As happened to Joe Biden, the former vice president of the United States found “a small number” of files, some of them confidential, and turned them over to the authorities, who inspected his home. Along with Biden and Donald Trump, he is the third high-level politician to possess classified material on his personal property.

This Tuesday, the former vice president of the United States during the government of Donald Trump, Mike Pence, made headlines for joining the list of senior officials in possessing classified documents at his residence.

Based at the Indiana stadium, Pence found the files, the provenance of which he apparently does not know, on January 16 and his lawyer, Greg Jacob, informed Congress and the National Archives.

Jacob explained that these documents arrived at the official’s house by mistake and that only “a small number” of files were classified. While he affirmed that they were “packaged and transported” from the White House without the vice president’s knowledge and that he was not even “aware of the existence of sensitive documents in his personal residence.”

Pence’s lawyer also explained that “as a precaution” an external lawyer was hired to check the stored reports, but only to catalog it without delving into what each file was about.

“The Vice President immediately secured those documents in a locked safe pending further instructions on the proper handling of the National Archives,” it added.


As reported by the US chain ‘Fox’, Pence’s team chose to inspect the home in Indiana and the office that is in the conservative think tank ‘Advancing American Freedom’ after the revelations about Biden.

This comes at a time when Pence is looking to position himself as a contender to be the Republican presidential nominee.

It was revealed this month that President Biden kept files from his time as Barack Obama’s vice president and from his time as a senator at his home in Wilmington Delaware and in his private office at the Penn Biden Center in Washington.

The head of state tried to differentiate himself from the scandal that surrounded his predecessor. In the Trump case, the FBI had to intervene in the Mar-a-Lago mansion in Florida to recover papers from his presidential term.

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