NVIDIA GeForce Now adds Ubisfot games to its catalog

The video game streaming service NVIDIA GeForce Now has followed a rather different strategy from its inception than other platforms. Instead of only offering a catalog of its own games, GeForce Now allows us to play games that we already have acquired on other platforms in the cloud, thus avoiding having to buy them twice.

Little by little, the streaming service from the popular GPU manufacturer is gaining new compatible titles and access to different game services from many companies. in his last updateGeForce Now already allows you to play titles from Steam, Epic Games Store and Ubisoft, the latter being the one that joins the service.

  • Therefore, users who have games purchased on Ubisoft Connect will be able to play from GeForce Now, including the latest versions of the service with high-end RTX graphics with raytracing and the latest technologies. Games like Rainbox Six Siege, Far Cry 6 or The Division 2 join the catalog available on GeForce Now. In addition, the latest titles that Ubisoft adds can also be played from the cloud.

GeForce Now has been one of the first cloud gaming services to be available on the market, offering different plans with more or less features to suit different needs and counting on the technologies that NVIDIA integrates into its graphics cards.

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