Now Xiaomi also manufactures accessories for the iPhone: this is its new MagSafe battery

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Xiaomi has become a giant in the world of consumer electronics. The Asian company not only integrates along with Apple and Samsung the podium of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturersbut also seeks to become strong in other product segments.

In its catalog we could find from headphones to Scooters. Now, however, there is also an external battery for the iPhone. Yes, although it may seem curious, Xiaomi has launched a device for the Cupertino phone. Let’s see what this proposal offers.

Xiaomi Magnetic Wireless Power Bank for iPhone

The Xiaomi Magnetic Wireless Power is an external battery designed for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 family of 5,000mAh (they do not mention the iPhone 14). Thanks to MagSafe technology, it magnetically attaches to the back of the device and charges it at 7.5W.

Up to this point, the only difference from the Apple MagSafe External Battery is the capacity. The Cupertino proposal offers 1,460mAh, so it falls behind in this section. In relation to wireless power, there are no differences, although the one from Apple may need an update to reach 7.5W.

However, this is not the only difference. The Xiaomi external battery has a bidirectional USB-C port with an input of 20 W and an output of 12 W. In addition, it has a vertical base that allows you to place the phone with the Xiaomi MagSafe battery cupped. In this case, both devices will be charged.

An advantage that Apple’s MagSafe external battery offers over Xiaomi’s is that it can be used as a wireless charger. It simply needs to be paired with an Apple USB-C charger to charge any type of device that uses the Qi standard.

Where to buy Xiaomi external battery for iPhone?

Xiaomi’s new MagSafe external battery for iPhone is currently available in China at 99 yuan (about 29 euros to change). It is a cheaper price than Apple’s original proposal (119 euros). However, at the moment we do not know if it will reach other markets.

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