North Korea calls visit of “provocateur” Blinken to China “beggar” and “shameful”

North Korea calls visit of "provocateur" Blinken to China "beggar" and "shameful"

June 21 (EUROPA PRESS) –

North Korea has called the visit to China by the “provocative” Secretary of the US State Department, Antony Blinken, “beggar” and “shameful”.

“In a word, the recent official trip of the Secretary of State cannot be judged otherwise than a shameful begging trip by the provocateur who admits the failure of the policy of putting pressure on China,” North Korean international analyst Jong Yong Hak said. , as collected by the KCNA agency.

The analyst has criticized that the United States, which “has spoken so many times about the Chinese threat” and that has “seriously” challenged its main interests, now talks about “communication” and not falling into “misunderstandings and misjudgments.”

“It’s the height of two-way game and America’s own audacity. To provoke first and talk about responsible control over divergence of opinion later,” Jong added.

In addition, he has assured that Blinken has traveled to China due to “extreme concern” about a possible military conflict “that leads to irreparable disasters.”

“If the United States persists in its pursuit of hegemony and confrontation in international relations, oblivious to the lessons of history, it will never be able to escape the loser’s lot,” the North Korean analyst concluded.

These statements take place after the Secretary of State has made a visit to China, where he has met with the President of China, Xi Jinping, the main foreign policy adviser to the president, Wang Yi; and Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang.

Blinken arrived in Beijing on Sunday to defuse tensions between the two countries, sparked mainly by US support for Taiwan and Chinese military maneuvers around the island in response, as well as recent speculation of spying attempts by Chinese part.

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