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No one is free from being fired by Elon Musk. Not even the employee who slept in his office to launch Twitter Blue

The soap opera that does not stop on Twitter: new layoffs, unpaid bills, office closures and "steers"

Esther Crawford was one of the people who slept in the offices of Twitter to meet the deadlines Elon Musk’s frenetic work pace. The directive also spearheaded the development of Twitter Blue, one of the projects most commented on by the billionaire since he took over the social network. Those efforts appear to have been in vain.

Crawford, who was serving as a product manager, was removed from Twitter over the weekend. This movement was accompanied by the dismissal of a large part of her team and personnel from other departments of the social network. According to Platformer’s Zoë Schiffer, this latest wave of cuts has claimed the jobs of about 50 people.

From sleeping in offices to being jobless

Musk’s purchase of Twitter was finally closed on October 28 of last year. From that moment on, the businessman did not take long to start layoffs and set up a very different work dynamic to the usual in the social network. He forced employees to commit to “hardcore” Twitter or leave the company.

With his particular management style, Musk fired several engineers for contradicting his ideas and continued with the idea of ​​​​delivering extremely demanding work in person. Crawford, at least in public, didn’t seem to see a problem with any of this, responding with arguments to comments regarding a viral image of him sleeping in the office.

“Doing difficult things requires sacrifice (time, energy, etc.). I have teammates all over the world who are striving to bring something new to life.” said part of in one of his Tweets. “We are less than 1 year into a massive business and cultural transition. People are giving their all in all functions ”, he added in another message.

While some colleagues used the hashtag #LoveWhereYouWork to show they were “a team,” she used in the viral photo the hashtag #SleepWhereYouWork (sleep where you work). Even, Crawford had defended in the internal Slack of the company the need to make massive cuts to guarantee the survival of the company.

For many people, all that effort could have been in vain. The now former Twitter product manager thinks otherwise. “I am deeply proud of the team built through so much noise and chaos,” said the board. in a message posted a few hours ago in which he defended his work to “build Twitter 2.0.”

Images: Naomi Khachian | Esther Crawford

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