Nintendo or PlayStation will return to gamescom after being absent in 2022

Although several companies will not go to gamescom 2022, Ubisoft confirms attendance

The year is quickly consumed. We are already in mid-March, which means that E3 2023 is only a few months away. Unfortunately, the outlook is not looking rosy for ESA due to the little support it is receiving from major companies. . Well, while the American event is in the midst of uncertainty, gamescom 2023 is prospering and would have already confirmed the participation of PlayStation or Nintendo.

Despite the fact that the event will run until August 2023, the organizers have just revealed that it is doing better than ever.

Through a press release, Koelnmesse and the German Games Industry Association revealed that there is a 10% increase in the registration of companies that will attend the event compared to the previous year.

Those interested in taking their projects can register to secure their space at the event months before, in what is known as the “early bird phase”, which encourages participants by offering them various benefits, such as a discount on the fee for their space .

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Nintendo or PlayStation will return to gamescom

What was most striking is that the organizers took the opportunity to anticipate that among the companies that will participate is one of the most important.

“Without giving away too much, I promise the community can look forward to one or the other great company that wasn’t there last year,” organizers said.

What company are the organizers referring to? Unfortunately they did not give any further details, but will release the list of participants “at a later date”. However, it is important to mention that in last year’s edition neither PlayStation nor Nintendo were part of the event, so it could well be one of them.

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Will gamescom 2023 leave E3 2023 behind?

As for the increase in interest in the German event, it is very good for its organizers, but worrying for E3 and ESA, because originally, both events were based on the face-to-face experience. However, what the current situation reveals is that gamescom has managed to better adapt to the change that has occurred in the past decade and that, on the contrary, E3 and the ESA have rested on their laurels.

Nintendo and Xbox have already announced that they will not be part of E3 2023 and rumors indicate that PlayStation will do the same.

gamescom 2023 will take place from August 22 to 27 in person, like last year.

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