Nintendo made good on its Direct, and the end of the Switch seems to be near

Switch still has great games left

When Nintendo remained silent within the framework of the Summer Game Fest 2023, everything seemed to indicate that we would be left without a Nintendo Direct full of surprises. How wrong we were! Almost unexpectedly (I say almost, because the insiders took it upon themselves to ruin the surprise), Nintendo released a new Direct full of announcements and news for Nintendo Switch.

It was a solid event, with over 40 minutes of upcoming releases making it clear to us that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom It is not the only thing that Nintendo was cooking for 2023. In fact, Switch will continue to nourish its catalog with varied and quality releases in the remainder of the year.

Although it also gave us a glimpse of part of 2024, the reality is that there is a feeling that, little by little, the history of Nintendo Switch is coming to an end.

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A bittersweet Nintendo Direct

The June 2023 Nintendo Direct was packed with announcements that have everything to excite Nintendo fans of different profiles. We saw a new installment of Super Mario Bros. in 2D; it was revealed that Detective Pikachu Returns is still standing and we even found out that one of the best indies of 2022 will finally have a port for Nintendo Switch, a console with which it fits perfectly.

At the event, we saw a total of 34 announcements, including reveals, news about already known upcoming releases, and updates for already available titles. Of all those revelations, 11 were related to Nintendo’s first-party releases, but only 3 (Super Mario Bros. Wonder, WarioWare: Move It! and Peach’s new game) were unpublished announcements. That is, original proposals that we had never heard of.

So, in terms of first-party releases, the coming months for Switch will have multiple re-releases, remakes or ports as fillers. Also, the new proposals appear to be mid-budget projects, and there was no news on anything the likes of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom either Super Mario Odyssey. Perhaps this is not surprising, since some journalists anticipated it.

Do not misunderstand: Super Mario Bros. Wonder looks like a phenomenal game and the remake of Super Mario RPG It excites me like few things; However, all of this seems to be a sign of something: Nintendo is holding things back. If we take into account that the last time he revealed a high-budget project was in February 2022 with the reveal of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and it’s unlikely that all of Nintendo’s studios are working on small- and medium-scale projects, so it smells like they’re saving up the bombings (among them, Metroid Prime 4) for something special, maybe a new console reveal?

Switch still has great games left

It is not unreasonable to think that the Nintendo Switch cycle is close to coming to an end, or that, at least, Nintendo is already thinking of a revision that represents some kind of technological leap. Switch is the third best-selling console in history, it turned out to be an incredibly influential platform despite the little power of its hardware and its catalog includes some of the best games in its history. The console accomplished its mission.

More than 6 years after its launch, Nintendo Switch has forged a legend and there is little to blame it for. Following the blue ocean strategy, Nintendo created a new space in the market and built a legendary console. However, even the best stories have to come to an end and it seems that the end of the Switch is close.

You also have to consider that it is very likely that you are wrong. Nintendo is an expert at doing things differently and a hypothetical September Direct could reveal bombshells that make it clear that there is a Switch for 2024 and beyond. However, I think everything is settling down for next year to be the successor to the Switch. Exciting times are ahead.

Is the end of a cycle near?
Is the end of a cycle near?

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