New Zealand seizes 3.2 tons of cocaine in more than 80 packages adrift in the Pacific Ocean

New Zealand seizes 3.2 tons of cocaine in more than 80 packages adrift in the Pacific Ocean

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The New Zealand authorities have announced this Wednesday the seizure of about 3.2 tons of cocaine floating adrift in the Pacific Ocean and have stressed that it is “a great financial blow for South American producers through distributors.” of this drug shipment.

New Zealand has indicated that the ‘Hydros’ operation has made it possible to recover 81 packages of drugs floating in the ocean, without giving details on how it was located, before adding that a Navy ship has taken them on a six-day trip to reach to port, where they will be destroyed.

New Zealand Police Chief Andrew Coster has stated that, given the volume of drugs seized, it is likely that it was destined for the Australian market, before noting that “this is one of the largest drug seizures by the authorities from this country”.

“While this disrupts mob operations, we remain vigilant given how far we know these groups can go to avoid the attention of law enforcement agencies,” Coster said, according to a joint statement released by police and the Service. New Zealand Customs.

Thus, it has stressed that New Zealand works with international partners and has indicated that “operation ‘Hydros’ was launched in December 2022 as part of a close working relationship with international partner agencies to identify and supervise the movements of suspicious vessels ” .

“I am incredibly proud of what our National Organized Crime Group has achieved working with other New Zealand agencies, including Customs and the New Zealand Defense Force. The significance of this seizure and its impact cannot be underestimated.” , has reviewed.

Coster has pointed out that the authorities “know that the distribution of drugs causes great social damage, in addition to the negative health and financial implications for communities, especially for drug users and their families.”

The head of the Customs Service, Bill Perry, has praised the collaboration with the Police and the Army and has expressed his “satisfaction” for “having helped prevent such a large amount of cocaine from causing harm to communities in New Zealand, Australia and other places in the Pacific region”.

“This is a huge example of how far organized crime organizations are willing to go in their global drug trafficking operations and shows that we are not exempt from massive organized crime drug trafficking efforts in this part of the world.” argued.

The New Zealand Police have said that so far no arrests have been made in connection with the seizure of the drug, although they have stressed that the investigations continue, supported by international organizations.

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