New RTX 4090 overclock record at 4,090 MHz

New RTX 4090 overclock record at 4,090 MHz

In recent days, a frantic race has begun to see who can make the higher overclock to the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090. We started with a record that put its GPU at 3,945 MHz, followed by another record that reached 3,975 MHz to, just a day later, surpassed 4 GHz by reaching 4,005 MHz of GPU.

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All these records have now remained on paper after the last feat of the overclockers Cens, who has managed to reach the symbolic speed of 4,090 MHz for the RTX 4090.

For this, liquid nitrogen has been used both in the graphics card and in the processor, reaching temperatures of -34.6 degrees Celsius on the GPU and breaking the absolute speed record on this GPU, the most powerful in the world today.

Therefore, it is a speed within the reach of very few and we will not see GPUs with standard cooling systems reach these figures, but it is still striking how overclockers from all over the world have started to squeeze the RTX 4090 to see up to Where can you get these graphics whose current price exceeds 1,700 euros.

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