New Naruto manga reveals the origin of the Rasengan; now you can read it for free

Kushina Uzumaki named Minato Namikaze's new ninjutsu Rasengan (Image: SHUEISHA)

You may remember that Masashi Kishimoto would return to make a new manga of Naruto commemorative of the 20 years of the anime. The new chapter is already available and no fan will want to miss it, as it reveals the origin of one of the most iconic jutsus.

The anime, as we told you, would be focused on Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village, after he rose as the most popular character in the entire franchise.

In case you missed it: the new game of Naruto will include an original story with never-before-seen characters.

How to read the new manga for free Naruto starring Minato?

Today we know that the new manga is titled Naruto: The World Within the Spiral (Naruto: The Whirlpool in the Vortex) and that as expected, the protagonist is Minato, but it could well be said that Kushina is also an essential part of the story.

Best of all, as we mentioned, the manga would not only reach Japan, but also the West simultaneously localized into English and today you can read it for free and in Spanish (Castilian) on the official SHUEISHA website SLEEVE Plus.

SPOILER: Next we will talk about details of the plot of the new manga focused on Minato, so we invite you to read the manga first.

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How did Minato create the Rasengan? new sleeve Naruto reveals it

We say this because the story that the manga would deal with would be about a jutsu that Minato would have created and at the end it is revealed that this is the Rasengan.

The most interesting thing is that this manga finally says that Minato developed this powerful technique after witnessing the great power of a jinchuriki channeled into a chakra sphere and having Kushina in mind.

This revelation comes after a battle Minato and Kushina wage against the Nine-Tailed Fox, who nearly escaped from Kushina after she stepped out of the confines of the beast’s containment seal.

Minato wanted to perfect a jutsu based on the jinchuriki’s chakra sphere, so that at any given time Kushina could face another jinchuriki, including the beast inside her.

What was the original name of the Rasengan?

It took Minato a lot of work and he even had to turn down a date with Kushina, but in the end with the help of the wise Jiraiya, he managed to understand how to correctly channel the chakra, according to the direction of the swirl of his hair.

The interesting thing is that Minato had 2 eddies, so for the technique to work he had to create flows in both directions. After Jiraiya helped him figure this out and come up with the technique, Minato named it after him: Jiraiya’s Twin Swirl Sphere of Ice Pops-inspired Nimbus.

Minato put this new ninjutsu into practice in the middle of the battle with the Nine-Tailed Fox inside Kushina and both managed to contain it and avoid a catastrophe, although Minato was badly injured.

After getting to safety, Kushina invited Minato to a very important place for the Uzumaki clan and who, as a child, gave meaning to her life as the bearer of the Nine-Tails thanks to Mito and who also gave the final name to the Rasengan.

Kushina Uzumaki named Minato Namikaze’s new ninjutsu Rasengan (Image: SHUEISHA)

When Minato revealed the name he had given to his new technique, Kushina reacted the same as Jiraiya, because she did not think it was good and rather recommended “Rasengan” (literally, spiral sphere), which evokes Mito’s teaching on differences. between a spiral and a helix. Although both are closely related, the first is flat and invariable, while the second is three-dimensional and he exemplified it with a spiral staircase.

“Even though it feels like you’re just going in circles, the altitude changes as does the scenery,” Mito explained to Kushina making an analogy of their lives as jinchurikis. “We may be in a spiral, but if you have the will to climb, you will be able to find love and once you do, the spiral becomes a helix.”

The ladder led them both to the top of a building, just below the wall with the faces of the Hokages, including that of Hashirama, Mito’s husband and that would later house Minato’s, Kushina’s husband and Naruto’s father.

Naruto learned the jutsu after it was taught to him by Jiraiya in naruto shippudenbut the latter learned it from Minato Namikaze, the legendary Fourth Hokage and Naruto’s father.

This one-run manga was done by Masashi Kishimoto (series creator) for both story and art, so it’s canon and fans should definitely check it out.

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