Netflix’s One Piece Reveals Luffy’s Abilities In New Trailer

Eiichirō Oda began publishing the first chapters of the One Piece manga in 1997 on Shonen Jump and began its television broadcast two years later. Despite the fact that 24 years have passed since its anime adaptation, the work is still valid, since it is a very entertaining shonen that tells the story of Luffy and his crew of pirates who go in search of a goal: the one piece.

Of course, the franchise couldn’t stay off the live-action adaptation radar forever. Netflix began working on a project with the permission of Oda to bring the classic characters to life. On October 31, the first season of the series will premiere and you can already enjoy the different advances.

One Piece releases new trailer


Through social networks, Netflix shared new material from the One Piece live-action series. Alvida, Carp, Gol D. Roger and even the King of the Pirates join the batch of images that the producer has compiled. You can see the scene in which the King tells the world that whoever finds his treasure will keep it and will be the new King.

It will adapt the East Blue saga, which consists of about 100 episodes of the manga and 61 of Toei Animation’s anime. All this content must be shoehorned into just eight episodes of the first season and it is strange to know that the protagonists will go after One Piece but so far it is not known what it is.

How do you think the series will end? Do you think Netflix will make up the series finale before Eiichirō Oda reveals to the world the truth behind the King’s treasure? There are many question marks regarding the ultimate fate of the Netflix series as the anime and manga stand out not for the goal but for the wacky adventures of the crew.

The first chapter will arrive on the streaming platform on August 31 and will be called Romance Dawn.

Throughout this story arc We follow Luffy to his childhood, when he made a promise to his uncle and Shanks., a pirate who lost an arm while protecting him from a sea monster. In the same plot arc we will witness how Luffy (Inaki Godoy) grows up and ventures into the sea to fulfill his dream of becoming the King of the Pirates.”.

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