Netflix, Apple TV + or Amazon: The streaming service with the most Oscar nominations

Netflix, Apple TV + or Amazon: The streaming service with the most Oscar nominations

Oscar Nominated Netflix Movies 2023

This year, Netflix received 15 Oscar nominations. Which is less than what was achieved in 2022, when the platform earned 26 Academy Award nominations.

German war film ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ received 9 nominations, making it one of the films with the highest breaks this year.

‘Blonde’, with Ana de Armas and Adrien Brody in a look at the fame and epic disappearance of the actress Marilyn Monroe. Ana de Armas is nominated for best actress.

‘Pinocchio’, by Guillermo del Toro, best animated film

‘Bardo’, by González Iñarritu, for the best photography

‘The Sea Beast’, Best Animated Feature Film

Short films:

‘The elephant whisperers’, best documentary short film

‘The Martha Mitchell Effect’, Best Documentary Short Film

Apple TV+ movies nominated for Oscars 2023

Apple TV+ was the first streaming service to win a Best Picture Oscar, with CODA, last year. But in 2023 it only got two nominations.

‘Causeway’, with Brian Tyree nominated for Best Supporting Actor

‘The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse’ was nominated for Best Animated Short Film

Amazon Studios Oscar nominated movies

This time, Amazon only got one nomination, but perhaps one of the favorites.

Argentina, 1985, nominated for Best Foreign Film

Here are the nominations by type of study:

  • netflix: 15
  • Warner Bros: 13
  • Disney: 11
  • Paramount: 9
  • Universal Pictures: 8
  • AppleTV+: 2
  • Amazon: 2

Despite the fact that Disney and Paramount have their streaming services, their productions were not intended as productions for this channel, as was the case with Netflix, Amazon and Apple TV+.

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