Netflix announces an avalanche of free video games on its platform. He is following the same strategy with his series

Netflix redoubles its commitment to video games and announces a partnership with Ubisoft

Netflix is ​​determined to become a powerhouse in video game development. In an exclusive presentation for the media, and at a time when the platform is not particularly well known, the company unveiled some of its upcoming plans in the sector, which began a year ago now: focused exclusively on mobile content and drinking in good spirits. Part of its own franchises and properties, the platform exhibits some ambitious plans for the future, and which make it clear that it will follow a strategy very similar to the one it has with series and movies: the avalanche of launches, looking for offers to cover the interests of absolutely all types of audiences.

In one way or another, the figures that Netflix manages are very remarkable: this year they have released 55 games, and they plan to launch 40 new titles in their second year. There are currently 70 in development carried out by the studios collaborating with the platform, to which are added 16 more games developed by internal studios. Maintaining exactly the same philosophy that they have with movies and series, they plan to continue releasing games continuously, every month, of all genres and for all audiences.

Among the most striking advances (and important for Netflix) are the games linked to the house’s own franchises: this is the case of the already published ‘Too Hot to Handle: Love Is a Game‘, based on one of the great successes of the platform, the dating reality show ‘Playing with fire’. This year there will be a sequel, as there will also be a game from the indie studio Super Evil Megacorp (‘Vainglory’, ‘Catalyst Black’), based on a franchise not yet announced by Netflix, but which will be one of its great multimedia bets of the year.either.

Very warrior collaborations

Ubisoft announced not long ago that it was going to collaborate with Netflix developing games for them, and that the ‘Assassin’s Creed’ franchise would have a place in their catalog. At the moment they announce the rogue-liteMighty Quest: Rogue Palace‘, based on the universe of the ‘Mighty Quest’ series, and which they describe as very easy to play and with infinite variants. Another notorious proper name that we will see in the future is the fabulous indie franchise ‘Monument Valley’ and its sequel. In addition, its managers, the London studio Ustwo, have reached an agreement to develop more games for Netflix.

Is this ambitious foray into the world of video games going to work for Netflix? At the moment it is an important and very expensive bet for the company, although they keep it in the background: many of their customers have not found out that only with their subscription they can download free games, some as notable as the latest and excellent Ninja Turtles game, ‘Shredder’s Revenge’, or the extraordinary ’12 Minutes’, ‘Kentucky Route Zero’ or ‘Immortality’. Your decision to temporarily restrict yourself to the mobile environment may work against you, but of course, what has been achieved so far and what is to come is promising.

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