Netanyahu accuses “left-wing protesters” of blocking ambulances during protests in Israel

Netanyahu accuses "left-wing protesters" of blocking ambulances during protests in Israel

July 11 (EUROPA PRESS) –

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has accused on Tuesday the “left-wing protesters” who have taken to the streets again to protest against the reform of the judicial system of blocking the passage of ambulances and other essential service workers.

Thus, he has shared information about the blockade, which would have prevented the passage of “cancer patients and people with disabilities”, and the testimony of people who would have seen these treatments suspended due to demonstrations that have spread to several cities in the country and have led a thousand people to gather in the vicinity of the Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv.

Previously, the Israel Police had reported the arrest of more than 65 people in the framework of a new day of massive mobilizations in various cities of the country just hours after Parliament approved the first revision of one of the most controversial clauses of the project. .

During the protests there have been some clashes, mainly in Tel Aviv, amid attempts by the participants to block roads to disrupt traffic, which has led agents on horseback to intervene to try to unblock these areas.

In this context, so far there have been some roadblocks leading to Jerusalem, Haifa and Tel Aviv, where protesters continue to try to block the Ayalon highway as police try to quell the protests with the use of water cannons. .

Also, some 2,000 people have taken to the streets in the city of Beersheba, in the south of the country, where a policeman has been injured after being hit by a vehicle during the protests, according to information from the newspaper ‘The Times of Israel’.

The agent has been transferred to Soroka hospital, but is out of danger. Meanwhile, the Police have launched several search and capture operations to find the driver.

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