Nero, the luxury superyacht inspired by the legendary design of JP Morgan’s 1930 Corsair IV

The world of superyachts is very peculiar. It seems to be in constant evolution, showing that there can always be projects bigger, more expensive and more luxurious. And when that’s not enough, support ships with their own heliport and even the ability to deploy mini-submarines or jet skis also appear on the scene.

Superyachts delivered in recent decades, such as Jeff Bezos’s, often stand out for their avant-garde design. That is, they are characterized by modern lines and technological additions in pursuit of passenger comfort and entertainment. But not everyone who buys this type of boat is attracted by modernity.

Classically designed superyachts in the 21st century

Some prefer classic superyachts. One of them is the British businessman Neil Taylor. Just like collects Robb Reportthe billionaire was obsessed with the Corsair IVan iconic ship due to its characteristics, story and tragic ending. It was one of the most precious luxuries of the famous banker JP Morgan junior.

The successful American finance man took it upon himself to continue the family tradition. His father, JP Morgan (below), had spent millions of dollars on two luxury ships, the Corsair, the Corsair II and the Corsair III. In fact, when the latter was launched in 1898, a journalist asked him how much it would cost to operate the superyacht. Morgan Sr.’s response was: “Sir, if you have to ask that question, you can’t afford it.”


As he points out SSMaritime, JP Morgan junior ordered the Corsair IV from the Bath Iron Works shipyard. And the project was really huge for the time: it would be the largest private boat built in America, and would be full of luxuries and design details. Finally, the project came to fruition in 1930.

Morgan Junior took delivery of the ship, nicknamed it “Princess of the Sea” and enjoyed it for years. This changed with the start of the Second World War, in 1930, when the Corsair IV became part of the British Admiralty, and was later sold to Pacific Cruise Lines, where she was converted again, this time as a luxury cruise ship.

The Corsar, as we say above, had a tragic end. In 1949 she was sailing off the coast of Acapulco when hit some rocks. The case was badly damaged and the ship that had belonged to JP Morgan junior sank. Fortunately, all the passengers and crew were evacuated and no one was injured.

The “reincarnation” of the Corsair as Nero

In the early 2000s, the aforementioned British businessman, Neil Taylor, began the arduous task of purchasing a used boat for restoration as closely in design as possible to the Corsair VI. That task did not bear fruit and the billionaire made a drastic decision: found his own company and direct the design and construction of a replica.

Motor Yacht Neroy5

Thus, the Chinese yacht manufacturer Yantai CIMC Raffles Shipyard got down to business and in 2008 delivered the 90 meter superyacht who was nicknamed as Nero. The curious thing is that Taylor’s creation did not remain in his possession. A year later he was put up for sale, changing owners several times over the years.

Motor Yacht Nero 56

is currently in the hands of Burgess Yachts, who rents the yacht. The company notes that it “embodies all the glamor of the golden age of sailing.” Nero has a conventional propulsion system powered by two MAK 9M20 Caterpillar diesel engines, reaching a top speed of 17 knots and a cruising speed of 13 knots.

Motor Yacht Nero 4

If we talk about the interior, we find a gym with treadmills, bicycles and fitness machines. There are also weights, mats and mats. On the upper deck is a beauty salon with beautician and masseuse. In addition, most of the ship is decorated with carpets and wood, as well as furniture, sofas and works of art.

Once upon a time there was a ship with wheels that thought it had reinvented sailing.  It ended in the only way possible

A contemporary take on this classic, she has six staterooms with modern screens and a master suite that includes a private bathroom, study and dedicated lounge. On the foredeck there is a 5.7 meter swimming pool, a Jacuzzi on the terrace, a movie theater and an inflatable slide into the sea. And by the way, there is WiFi connectivity at all times.

Images: Matthasa problem (Wikimedia Commons) | Burgess Yachts

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