Naughty Dog is working on a new project for a "beloved franchise"

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Although Sony has also bought studios, it does not forget to found new ones. Just this week we learned of the formation of a new studio with talent from his Visual Arts Service Group studio and Naughty Dog. Well, vacancies have just come to light that would not only reveal that they are already working on their first project, but also that it is from a “beloved franchise”.

Although the official announcement of the formation of this new studio in San Diego took many by surprise, the truth is that there are clues and rumors from 2020 about its foundation and possible projects. However, the most tangible clue to his first project has just been revealed through a job opening to work at a new studio located in San Diego, which coincides with the studio that Sony has just formed.

This vacancy is for a video game design intern. Although the name of the project is not explicitly mentioned, it is stated that the interested party will participate in the development of “a new project” of “a beloved franchise” in collaboration with Naughty Dog.

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What games does Naughty Dog work on?

We know that Naughty Dog works on the multiplayer of The Last of Us because the study confirmed it first-hand a few months ago. Additionally, Neil Druckmann, one of the heads of the studio, hinted at the beginning of 2022 that he was working on 3 games. One was the remake of The Last of Usso the other would be multiplayer and one more remains unannounced.

This latest game could very well be a secret fantasy project, as Naughty Dog has already hinted that it is working on a new franchise and a hint of it was found in the remake of The Last of Us.

However, now that the remake is out now, Naughty Dog may already be working on a new game and apparently this project would be the one that Sony is looking to create with the formation of a new studio in collaboration with Naughty Dog.

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What is the beloved IP that Naughty Dog works on?

As for the beloved franchise, the speculation is interesting. Not counting the games that Naughty Dog started the industry with, the list of franchises that Naughty Dog could refer to boils down to Jak and Daxter, The Last of Us Y Uncharted.

Taking into account that much work has already been done on The Last of Usit is possible that the study to give variety will make a rotation and resume Uncharted, especially after the success of the film adaptation and that Sony made clear its interest in continuing the franchise. However, it is not ruled out that the study decides to also resume Jak and Daxter or continue with The Last of Us. Likewise, it is possible that Naughty Dog does not talk about its franchises, but about any other in the PlayStation Studios catalog, which is robust.

Uncharted could come back with a remake

However, the clues suggest that it is the remake of Uncharted. We say this not only because a member of Naughty Dog has hinted at the return of the franchise, but also because a report indicated that the original desire of the Visual Arts Service Group (which will form the new studio with the support of Naughty Dog), was to make the remake. of Uncharted original, only it was discarded and the idea was better used to The Last of Us because the former would require more time and resources. In fact, the report states that Bend Studio was also considered for the project, but in the end it was rejected.

Time will tell, but yes, you will have to be patient, because apparently the project is in a very early stage of development.

What do you think about this news? What franchise would you like Naughty Dog to work on? Tell us in the comments.

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