Music composed by AI is “inferior to that composed by humans”, reveals a new study

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Advances in artificial intelligence mean that machines are now capable of performing many tasks that were previously unthinkable and that were only available to human beings, such as composing music.

And now, according to the study of the University of York, the music generated by artificial intelligence is lower to music composed by human beings.

To demonstrate this, they recruited 50 participants with great musical knowledge, and made them listen to different extracts from musicsome made up of humans and some made up of artificial intelligence.

They were asked to rate the pieces according to six musical criteria, including stylistic success, aesthetic pleasure, repetition or self-reference, melody, harmony, and rhythm, and they obviously did not know if the piece of music they were listening to for rating had been composed by a human being or an AI.

In analysis, the scores of the human-composed extracts are significantly higher and stylistically more successful than those of any of the systems responsible for the computer-generated extracts.“, it states Tom Collinsfrom York University’s School of Creative Arts and Technologies.

AI and its copyright issues

However, one of the concerns identified by the authors was the issue of copyright given that while training the model, they discovered flaws in the algorithms used to generate music.

It’s a worrying finding and perhaps suggests that the organizations that develop the algorithms should be policed ​​in some way or should police themselves. They know there are issues with these algorithms, so the focus should be on rectifying this so that content generated by AI can continue to be produced, but in an ethical and legal manneradds Collins.

To address this issue, they suggested seven key guidelines for evaluating these machine learning systems, something that could help improve the development of AI-generated music.

While music created by humans has always been ranked higher than music created by artificial intelligenceIt is clear that future advances in this field could make both creations almost indistinguishable.

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