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Motorola no longer only focuses on the mid-range, it strengthens its premium commitment

Motorola no longer only focuses on the mid-range, it strengthens its premium commitment

“For three or four years we stayed in the mid-range, then in 2019 we launched Razr, the first generation, and in 2020 we launched the Edge family, with which we sought to return to the premium range. Part of the strategy is to have several product options in a family, but since the pandemic, consumption for better smartphones, a little more premium, has increased,” José Cardoso, vice president and general manager of Motorola Latin America, said in an interview.

In order of preference, in the Mexican market, Samsung (34.2% of the total equipment fleet), Motorola (20.3%) and Apple (12.9%) stand out as the market leaders due to their vertical approach until the first quarter of 2024. innovation and replacement mechanisms for past generations of devices, respectively.

Under the pretext of the launch of the motorola edge 50 family, Cardoso also spoke about the brand's focus on the brand's strongest points on the way to strengthening its premium offering.

“As Motorola, we believe that we have our own unique path that we are implementing, which is that of design. In fact, we call it lifestyle tech. We want to be recognized at the point of sale, for being a company that has an association with lifestyle,” said Cardoso. That is why the alliance with Pantone has been so relevant for the brand, according to the manager.

Motorola presents the edge 50 family

This family is made up of three devices: motorola edge 50 ultra, motorola edge 50 pro and motorola edge 50 fusion. These devices seek to compete with other brands around the use of Artificial Intelligence within the devices, both to generate content and to generate more productivity.

The motorola edge 50 series is designed with an overall sense of harmony. It is a family that offers textures and curvatures that are pleasant to the touch and sight, wrapped in materials such as real wood, a special edition with a pearl polymer finish handmade in Italy and vegan suede, they use the latest fashionable colors and include protection IP683 underwater.

The back of the smartphones makes a fluid transition with the camera system, with which users will be able to effortlessly capture unique moments. With a greater focus on image and video, the new devices feature a complete camera experience: from simple camera activation using moto gestures, to cutting-edge hardware, AI-powered software and image editing capabilities with color validation, always delivers amazing results.

On the other hand, Motorola also expanded its ecosystem of devices with the announcement of the new family of moto buds headphones, which includes the moto buds+ with Sound by Bose, headphones that combine the best of the Motorola and Bose experience to offer users consumers an audio experience.

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