Motor Mice from Mars, a classic 90s series, will return thanks to Ryan Reynolds

Motor Mice from Mars is a '90s cult classic.

Biker Mice From Marsan animated series from the 90s that in Latin America is better known as Motor Mice from Mars, It takes time without surprising his fans. Fortunately for them, this is about to change thanks to Ryan Reynolds.

What happens is that, according to information from DeadlineRyan Reynolds will co-executive produce a new animated series of Motor Mice from Mars. With this, the franchise will return with a new show after its hiatus that began after the end of its 2006 series.

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“Some people know that I am a motorcycle enthusiast, so it was natural to participate in Motor Mice from MarsReynolds said. “Maximum Effort and Fubo are excited to put a new spin on this cult classic with our friends at Nacelle.”

At the moment there are no more details about the return of Motor Mice from Mars. We will stay tuned and let you know when we know more about it.

Motor Mice from Mars is a ’90s cult classic.

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What is Motor Mice from Mars?

Biker Mice From Mars (Motor Mice from Mars) is an iconic television cartoon series from the 1990s. Created by Rick Ungar, this exciting series combines action, comedy, and science fiction.

The protagonists are 3 anthropomorphic mice: Throttle, Modo and Vinnie, who are fleeing the destruction of Mars at the hands of the evil Plutarkian alien race. They land on Earth, specifically in Chicago, where they forge a friendship with Charley, an ingenious mechanic. Together, they take on the Plutarkians and defend Earth as they seek to liberate their home planet.

This series captivated audiences around the world and built a huge fan base, inspiring toys, video games, and comics based on the franchise. Although it is not as well known as franchises like the Ninja TurtlesYes, it is an adventure that fueled the imagination of many young people of the 90s.

What do you think about this new? Are you excited about the return of Motor Mice from Mars? Tell us in the comments.

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