Morgan Stanley improves ACS rating by 34%

Morgan Stanley improves ACS rating by 34%

The ACS Group, which this Wednesday celebrates its Capital Markets Day this year, is subject to review, in its recommendations by Morgan Stanleyan American multinational financial company that carries out its activity as an investment bank and stockbroker, on this day. Specifically, Morgan Stanley leaves the current rating on the stock with equal weight with an eye toward a substantial improvement in its target price. specifically by 34% going from the previous 30 euros to the current 40.

However, and given the progression of the value in the market, the potential increase that it gives over the current trading price of the security reaches 6.5% at this time. And this margin of improvement, which reaches 6.5%, is by far the best of the latest recommendations on value. The average of consensus analysts collected by Reuters places the average PO for ACS shares at 36.93 euros, with a hold recommendation and a drop of almost 2% compared to their current trading levels.

ACS presents its new strategic plan

This Wednesday, the ACS Group will present its new strategic plan for the period 2024-2026 at a Capital Markets Day held in Madrid. Specifically, the company will explain to investors and analysts the details of its roadmap for the coming years in this meeting in which executives from ACS and the main companies of the group chaired by Florentino Pérez will participate.

Today, Grupo ACS is a global infrastructure operator and provider made up of different leading companies in the sector. development, construction and operation of engineering, civil works and building projectsas well as new generation solutions in future sectors such as energy transition, digitalization and sustainable mobility.

In terms of figures, the group has more of 135,738 employees worldwide and invoiced a total of 35,738 million euros in 2023. In this year, the ACS Group closed with a project portfolio that amounted to 73,538 million euros.

Furthermore, the company chaired by Florentino Pérez will take advantage of this meeting with analysts and investors to present the new design of your website, with which it aspires to develop its digital footprint and highlight its activity in its markets considered key throughout the world. Specifically, the group has carried out a redesign of its corporate website, with its blue and yellow colors predominating on the website and a simpler and more functional navigation.

Finally, it should be noted that the different companies that make up the ACS Group carry out their work in an integrated manner in the three most developed markets in the world, North America, Asia Pacific and Europe, which allows the company to generate synergies and thus ensure the group's presence throughout the infrastructure business value chain. Specifically, the group has several of its subsidiaries spread across its key markets, such as Cimic in Australia or Turner in the United States.

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