Monster Hunter Rise details what the fifth Sunbreak update will have

This is the expansion schedule

We get good news for all users of Monster Hunter Rise: SunbreakAs Capcom just confirmed what the fifth free update to the Sunbreak expansion will include, you’d better keep reading for all the details.

This is the expansion schedule

As you surely remember, Sunbreak was released in June of last year and since then it has kept offering different free updates that increase the options for its users.

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The expansion has 4 updates so far (the last one released in February), and it will be next month when the fifth of them reaches all the platforms where the game is located.

What will the fifth update of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak?

It was recently when Capcom shared some news related to the new content, where it specified that the fifth update of Sunbreak will include the following:

  • Return of an Elder Dragon
  • a boosted monster
  • Adds 2 new types of Melding Pot (this new feature will not use most of the materials required by the existing Melding Pot)
  • Adds the ability to search by materials when using the Anomaly Investigation search function

As you could see, update 5 of the expansion is ready for its release and we will only have to wait until April, with its exact release date to be confirmed, to enjoy the new content.

We remind you that Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC, via Steam.

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