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Monkeypox: cases decrease worldwide but increase in America

Monkeypox: cases decrease worldwide but increase in America

The World Health Organization (WHO) said that monkeypox cases fell globally, with the clear exception of the American continent, where they continued to increase.

(Colombia doubles cases of monkeypox: figure rises to 273).

Laboratory-confirmed cases rise to 41,664 in 96 countries and twelve deaths have been reported.

After four consecutive weeks of increase in the number of infections, the last week gave a break with a 21% fewer new cases recordedwhich totaled 5,907.

“This reduction could reflect the first signs of a decline in cases in Europe, which has yet to be confirmed,” iIndicates the WHO weekly epidemiological report dedicated to the monkeypox outbreak.

(35 human cases of new virus of animal origin detected in China).

This outbreak began in Europe last May and was the first to be seen outside the group of countries in central Africa, where the disease was considered endemic. The virus quickly crossed the Atlantic and cases began to increase considerably in the United States and in some South American countries.

The US is now the country with the highest number of cumulative cases, followed by Spain, Brazil, Germany, the UK, France, Canada, the Netherlands, Peru and Portugal, in that order. Iran and Indonesia each reported their first case last week.


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