Miraflores Campus: Canadian researcher spoke about solar converters and energy efficiency in buildings

Pedro Andrade Araos, UACh Journalist.The seminar on energy efficiency in buildings “Buildings and Energy efficiency” was recently dictated in dependencies of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences UACh by the Professor Louis Gosselin, Academic at the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Laval University (Quebec, Canada).

The academic visited the Universidad Austral de Chile, within the framework of the project “Use of hybrid perovskite in luminescent third generation solar concentrator devices”led by the Dr. Caroline Silvaacademic from the Institute of Thermomechanical Materials and Processes UACh, who was awarded the 2022 International Collaboration Fund of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences UACh – InnovING2030.

During his stay, the Dr Gosselin He held meetings with the multidisciplinary team of the project led by Dr. Silva, and also participated in a talk held at the UACh Faculty of Sciences.

“The activity was part of one of the points of the international collaboration project, where Dr. Louis Gosselin came to participate and give us a talk about solar concentrators and how they can influence construction,” he said.

As explained by the Dr. SilvaThese concentrators will have the shape of windows, so in addition to producing electricity through the sun’s energy. They are also related to the internal thermal comfort of the buildings that are going to use it.

“He comes up with that idea that is a little more theoretical, and we are doing a project that is a little more bilateral in that sense, validating the theoretical studies with the practical results that we have to have,” he specified.

The researcher added that the visit corresponds to an initial stage of the project, where “we are having very interesting results and we are happy with that, so I think that in a next stage we are going to scale up the material, because we are working at the laboratory level, and where the contribution of Louis will be fundamental”.

Finally, the Dr. Caroline Silva He specified that within the activities of the project, a visit by academics from the Faculty to Laval University is also considered, a trip that at the moment does not have a definitive date. “However, within the framework of the project, it is considered that we will take the results during the month of August of this year to the International Congress of Materials that takes place in Mexico, where we have already been accepted with the results we have obtained so far,” he pointed out.

He International Collaboration Fund 2022 FCI UACh was organized by the International Relations and Research and Development (R&D) offices of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences with the support of its InnovING2030 program, and its objective is to promote internships, work visits, per diems, materials , among others, in activities that will be carried out within a period of six months, and that consider the participation of foreign academics together with academics and UACh Engineering students.

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