Minister Irene Vélez ratifies controversial report on gas resources

Minister Irene Vélez ratifies controversial report on gas resources

During a press conference, which was held this Wednesday, January 25, the Minister of Mines and Energy, Irene Vélez, explained the controversy over a gas and oil reserve report, which ensures that the resources would reach 2037 and on which it would be deciding not to sign more exploration and production contracts in the country.

(The ‘happy’ accounts of Minenergía about gas reserves).

Nevertheless, the document appears the signature of some people who claim not to know the report, which sparked controversy.

Faced with this issue, Minister Vélez ratified the report and maintained that for the document “Signatures were never forged and there was never erroneous data, nor a methodology that has ambiguities.”

“The figures that are there are supported by the information that the National Hydrocarbons Agency has and the information that the companies have delivered publicly”he commented.

Regarding the mention of some officials in the report, who claim not to have certified the study, the Minister of Mines stated that the names of the directors of the Ministry correspond to a “protocol” Editorial that appears in all the reports of the portfolio and that recognizes the people who are part of the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

(Minister Irene Vélez explains controversy over the report on gas reserves).

The minister also assured that this document “It is not a reservation report, it was never said to be.” “Here we are not lying to anyone and misinforming in that way as if we were doing it is irresponsible to the country,” said.

He also stated that this is a document that unifies figures on oil contracts that are in force in the country and the analysis distinguishes prospective resources from contingents and reserves. “Data are not being combined, figures are not being lied to”he added.

He also stated that this report was produced publicly, reason for which their advances were exposed during the committees that were held within the ministry and “It was never done behind anyone’s back.”

“No adviser ever told me that he disagreed with that document,” concluded.


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